Wednesday, December 3, 2008

knitting monogamy

It takes quite the knitting pattern to keep me from straying. I get bored or start re-designing it or just end up knitting something completely different. It's almost never the pattern(I promise beautiful lace hoodie from Interweave, it's me, not you.) I just don't really have the temperament for following directions when it comes to making things. But all that was out the window when I started the Fiddlehead Mittens. They have become a sort of knit-a-long at Brooklyn General and I figured, eh why not, I've never knit mittens or fair isle. Lets just say I am a huge fan of both now.

Oh Fiddleheads, the fact that you were able to keep my attention through not one but two pieces of knitting and I still like you enough to knit you again, well It speaks very highly of you.

I am also ridiculously in love with the inside of the mittens. Having never done fair isle I am amazed at how pretty it looks on the back side.

see look

Isn't it the prettiest thing you've ever seen? Well maybe not the prettiest but between my enthusiasm for fair isle and my new love of Malibrigo I might be a little biased.

PS sorry for the crappy iphone photos my camera cord is apparently on some top-secret government mission at the moment.


gleek said...

very pretty! i am slowly warming up to fair isle again :)

Jessica said...

Prettiest ever, indeed. ;)