Monday, December 8, 2008

Why so blue, Panda Bear?

This little guy was found in the impulse area of Ikea on our way out today. On our way out with nothing. Let me repeat that, NOTHING. Ikea has failed me for the first time ever and not even the yummy meatballs could cure the disappointment. They didn't even have lamp shades that would work with the lamps we just pulled out of the closet. It was a sad sad retail shopping day. Although I think what really made me sad is the thought of having to claw my way through the Target at Atlantic center for two freaking lamp shades, sigh.


Melissa said...

NOOOOOO. Not THAT Target. Anything but that Target. Your panda will go from blue to homicidal.
Let me drive you out to the one in queens. Seriously.

Mary McK- said...

I know! Thankfully Gene braved the Astor Place Kmart and brought home the needed lamp shades last night. That target is not place for someone with a precarious grip on their hormones at the moment.