Monday, December 1, 2008

Introductions are in order

Why hello there, long time no post huh? well I do have an excuse this time that is fairly legit, I'd like to introduce Spider-Man the 1st/Princess Bunnycakes VonCutenstein.

Spidey/bunnycakes is 12 weeks old and finally letting his/her mother go an entire day with out wanting to dry heave all over Brooklyn. Needless to say we are ecstatic here in the McKenzie/Kelly household about the kid and the lack of dry heaving.

That also means many a project has been started for the the kid and with any luck could be finished by their 12th birthday. Fingers crossed.

Project updates soon....girl scouts honor..wait was that three fingers or four?


mauras said...

Well, let me be the first to say: ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY FANTABULOUS!!! Congratulations to the little growing fambly. Can't wait to snuggle the little being at the knitting breakfast and give you tons of stuff you probably don't want. Just delightful.


gleek said...