Thursday, June 11, 2009

And the Parade Begins....Shortly

So things are getting down the wire here in the McKenzie/Kelly household, only 6 days till my due date. Due to blood pressure that would just not behave itself I have been doing a lot of hanging out around my house on modified bed rest for the last few weeks. Actually not to bad of a gig, I don't just have to stay in bed, I really just had to cool it on the compulsive Ikea runs, oh and working.

That leaves time for a lot of nesting/crafting. Unfortunately the sun has decided to take a vacation from NYC this week, making photographic proof of the crafting kinda impossible. Here's a shot of my finished Hemlock Ring Blanket(Ravelry) to wet your appetite and I promise a Finished Object Parade will begin shortly, or as soon as the weather Gods permit

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