Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting back to business

For the last few years, I have purposely crafted my work life to make having a kid "easy." Easy is in quotes because it's one of those words I used pre-motherhood that I don't think even passes my lips anymore. Motherhood is many many many things (and most of them wonderful) but easy is not one of them. I would talk about how I was so lucky to be able to have the kind of job that I can work and stay home with our child. I now would like to time travel back a few years and give my naive former self a good wallop.

But that being said, I have started to get back into the design business and am lucky enough to work with wonderful choreographers who don't mind me bringing Dori with to rehearsal.

She loves watching the dancers, not to mention the chance to show off El Tigre (she smile stalks people. She will stare a person down until they look at her and then break into a 1000 watt smile that causes anyone with in 10 feet of her to ooh and ahhh. We're working on teaching her to use her powers for good and not evil. Not sure where to find the flash cards for emotional manipulation, but I digress.) Now we just have to work on getting any sort of sewing done during daylight hours(have mentioned the kid isn't a napper) and things may soon be back on track

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Matt said...

And she's not even super mobile yet. Just wait.