Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Grand Marshall of the Parade Makes Her Apperance

So not the finished object I was expecting to post, but the most important one by far. Welcome to the world Doreen Mae Kelly

Born June 13th 8:26am 7lbs 8ozs 20 3/4”

And I have to say, the kid has spectacular timing, I went into labor about 6 hours after finishing her crib skirt. She was apparently very excited that her mother managed to make matching curtains and crib skirt, BEFORE she was even born. She just had to see them in person.

The rest of her room still looks like a tornado hit it, but dammit, her crib looks awesome.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

And the Parade Begins....Shortly

So things are getting down the wire here in the McKenzie/Kelly household, only 6 days till my due date. Due to blood pressure that would just not behave itself I have been doing a lot of hanging out around my house on modified bed rest for the last few weeks. Actually not to bad of a gig, I don't just have to stay in bed, I really just had to cool it on the compulsive Ikea runs, oh and working.

That leaves time for a lot of nesting/crafting. Unfortunately the sun has decided to take a vacation from NYC this week, making photographic proof of the crafting kinda impossible. Here's a shot of my finished Hemlock Ring Blanket(Ravelry) to wet your appetite and I promise a Finished Object Parade will begin shortly, or as soon as the weather Gods permit